A new Guinness World Records® title for the highest voltage from a fruit battery has been set by the 英国皇家化学学会 (RSC), 英国正规的网赌软件 battery expert 万教授伊斯兰教 and science presenter Fran Scott.

RSC团队使用了2923个柠檬,产生了惊人的2307个.8伏特, 哪一项打破了1项的世界纪录,521伏, and subsequently launching a battery-powered go-kart race run by the Blair Project in Manchester. The supercharged feat was designed by the 英国皇家化学学会 to highlight the importance of energy storage and the need for new innovations for a zero-carbon world against the backdrop of the COP26 Climate Change Summit.

在记录标题旁边, the RSC has undertaken research to understand awareness and attitudes around sustainability and climate change amongst young people, to provide critical insight into the teaching of sustainability-related topics in schools.

The results show young people are extremely engaged in issues related to climate change and sustainability. More than three-quarters noted that they feel climate change is an urgent priority to solve, 做这件事的责任必须由大家共同承担(都是78%). Three-quarters (75%) of respondents stated that they feel anxious about the future of the planet, 74%的人在积极寻找应对气候变化的方法.

Responses also demonstrate young people see an urgent need for education and information on climate change issues. 只有不到三分之二的人相信学校, 学院和大学扮演的角色最大(59%), 其次是政府(50%)和科学团体(49%).

与现有的教师研究, the organisation says the findings will inform recommendations to the UK Government about its future education policy and curriculum improvements.

海伦博士痛苦, 英国皇家化学学会 首席执行官说:“公众对气候变化的关注达到了创纪录的水平. Succeeding in our Guinness World Records attempt to squeeze the highest voltage from a fruit battery has been tremendous fun, but the sustainability message underpinning it is incredibly serious and important”.

The message of sustainability issues being a key priority for the curriculum was loud and clear in the survey. Eight in ten young people (81%) believe it is important for schools to teach about climate change and sustainability. 同样比例(79%)的学生也认为它是化学正规的网赌软件的重点, with a third (34%) looking to see more coverage of sustainability-related issues in science lessons, 化学课增加到一半(49%).

The survey also showed that young people are interested in work and study in sustainability and climate change, 但获取信息的水平参差不齐. While two thirds (66%) are interested in future careers or study related to sustainability, only four in ten (38%) believe there is a clear link between studying chemistry and future sustainability careers.

万教授伊斯兰教, 皇家化学学会的理事, 正规的网赌软件材料化学教授,也是 能源材料研究小组 他说:“虽然这是一个正式的打破世界纪录的水果电池, it’s still not particularly effective – the wattage is smaller than the amount of electrical power needed to turn on a smart television.

“虽然最正规的网赌软件目前的电池技术非常好, the truth is battery technology still needs significant improvement to help us get to the net zero carbon world we are striving to reach. 而最正规的网赌软件可以利用可再生能源发电, we need to find better ways to store this energy so we don’t have to use it or waste it straight away. 如果最正规的网赌软件真的想达到净零碳排放的状态, 最正规的网赌软件绝对必须改进储能技术, 这就是这个巨大的柠檬电池所展示给最正规的网赌软件的. 最后, we have to be able to recycle and reuse these batteries effectively to enable a truly sustainable energy future.”

The Guinness World Records® title was set as part of the RSC’s ongoing commitment to promoting chemistry and acting as a catalyst for change, together with its focus on driving increased awareness and education on sustainability and the impact of climate change.

皇家化学学会首席执行官, 海伦博士痛苦, added: “Sustainability and climate change must become a key priority for the curriculum, and there needs to be a substantial collective effort to improve access and the ways that we bring this education to young people across the country. Our survey demonstrates that there is a clear need to increase the awareness of career and study options among older teens, 尤其是女性和BAME群体.

We acknowledge that the 英国皇家化学学会 must build on its strong awareness and the clear role we must play with broadened accessibility of information for all. Beyond this, we need to see educators, governments, scientists and the media driving debate further.”

The Guinness World Record attempt was officially witnessed by Dr Marilyn Comrie OBE and recorded by pyrotechnician and Science Content Producer Fran Scott.

在尝试记录之后, 用过的柠檬由Widnes的Refood负责处理, who generate renewable energy from food waste using the anaerobic digestion method (similar to an industrial-scale compost heap) to produce biogas. 进一步提纯后的沼气直接被泵入国家天然气网. Any remaining liquid is transformed into bio-fertiliser for local farming and agricultural use.

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